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Each energy improvement you make adds up. That’s true of an individual or family, as well as a business or organization. The changes we make in our residences, shops, offices, plants and lifestyles can collectively reduce electricity usage and our dependence on imported energy. Utilities are already lowering their forecasts for energy growth. Higher mpg standards and changing driving habits also are beginning to favorably affect transportation usage of energy. 

ONE wants to celebrate local energy improvements in a new ONE Showcase feature on this site. We've identified 11 energy categories as follows:

Solar - photovoltaic, solar thermal, solar hot water, passive solar, other solar applications

Wind - turbine, vertical axis

Product design - energy-saving designs and use of recycled materials or energy-saving materials

Architectural, engineering and landscaping design - designs that save energy

Waste heat recovery - reuse of waste heat to reduce total energy use

Biomass - use of pellet stoves and other wood-burning, reusing waste biomass, methane conversion, other

Energy efficiency - use of efficient appliances, windows, insulation, weatherizing, storm doors and windows, daylighting and other lighting improvements and general tightening of building envelope

Hydro - small hydro applications that reduce the amount of energy needed to deliver water or for generating electricity

Transportation - use of electric cars, bicycles, CNG, fleet replacement/upgrades, including hybrids, more fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel vehicles, diesel conversions

Education - courses and programs on alternative energy/renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy policy, etc.

We encourage you to submit your improvements and allow us to showcase what you’ve accomplished. Here’s what we need from you to complete a ONE Spotlight.

Here are completed ONE Spotlights:

Jim Evans

Drury University

Kraft Foods

The Farnsworths

The Scarlets

Marcum and Ross House


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